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“In the Spotlight with” is an interview series which shines the spotlight on medical professionals in the rehabilitation community.

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Workplace Training: Gateway Physiotherapy

Gateway Physiotherapy has been actively engaging in Epilepsy Queensland’s workplace training for years, enabling them to effectively implement seizure first aid and provide safe care for their clients with epilepsy.

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Best foot forward: How to reap the benefits of barefoot running

Michael Warburton’s analysis of the barefoot and shod populations in Haiti revealed that injury rates in the lower extremities were significantly higher among those wearing shoes, suggesting that running barefoot may help prevent injuries. However, it’s important to consider other factors such as access to medical attention and running distance when interpreting these findings.

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Fitness: Tread carefully

“Running barefoot on grass seems to protect against injuries by forcing runners to land midfoot,” says the Brisbane-based physiotherapist Michael Warburton, the author of the study.

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Should you run barefoot?

According to Michael Warburton’s research, running barefoot may help prevent injuries and be a viable alternative to expensive running shoes.

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What is barefoot running?

Michael Warburton, a Brisbane physiotherapist, has conducted research on barefoot running and found that running in shoes is about four percent less efficient than running barefoot due to the weight and restrictive nature of footwear.

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Advantages of barefoot running

Warburton’s assessment also indicates that running in shoes is approximately four percent less efficient than running barefoot due to the weight and damping effect of shoe support. Furthermore, he highlights that running in shoes may increase the likelihood of ankle sprains by either decreasing foot position awareness or increasing twisting torque on the ankle during stumbling.

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Barefoot Running: Can Barefoot Running Improve Performance?

Physiotherapist Michael Warburton conducted research on the effects of wearing running shoes and raised concerns about the potential risk of injury associated with certain shoe features.

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Barefoot Technology

Michael Warburton, an Australian physical therapist, advocates for barefoot training to decrease the chances of ankle sprains and foot injuries and improve foot strength and range of motion.

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Decibelles turn Australian Open into Opera

Michael Warburton, a Brisbane physiotherapist and exercise scientist, advocates for tennis players to undergo opera training to amplify their grunts and screams on the court, claiming it enhances their strength, energy, and performance.

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